Friday, January 23, 2009

It's Time for New Business Cards!

I am going to order another set of business cards soon!

To change things up, I am thinking of using a new image. Which one do you think I should use? Please leave a comment or vote which image you like best or visit my shop and pick your favorite jaC Jewelry piece instead!

Image #3 - Red Petals Necklace - Coral and Bali Vermeil Necklace (this is the picture I currently have on my business cards)
Thank you!
P.S. Alison Kelley Designs, you're not allowed to vote - I already know which one you're going to choose! :)


  1. I like Image #3 but I also like ^_^

  2. I like them all, but Chocolate Cherry swirl just appeals to me right off the bat. Congratulations on getting new biz cards. I'm working on new cards for myself. Haven't come up with anything I like yet.

  3. Oh darn! But you're right Janna, I would pick the earrings, LOL!

  4. Thanks for your advice, everyone! Keep it coming!

    You did it anyway, Alison - just like I thought you would! :)

  5. Although this was a tough choice, because I love them all, I voted for the Red Petals necklace. To me it is your signature piece. If I saw a picture of it by itself, with no other words, I would recognize that it was jacjewelry.

  6. wow! what a gorgeous pieces each of them has different looks.

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