Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Receivables – Who Loves Dresses?

“Here is the dress I want.”
“Because it is beautiful.”
“But you already have so many dresses. It looks like every other dress in your clo…”
“No, it doesn’t! I don’t have one like it.”
“Well, there is no room in the closet, so maybe you can throw some dresses out first.”
“Don’t say that – they can hear you!!! And no, I can’t. I need them all.”
“Well, it’s not the right season to be wearing a dress, anyway.”
“I know, but I want it for when the summer comes.”

Repeating something over and over again and hoping for a different outcome is the definition of insanity; and yet, I keep trying to convince Husband that I really do need a new article of clothing. He doesn’t buy it, I end up buying it anyway, and then the cycle repeats. The cycle repeats because you can never have too many dresses! (I know, I know – that’s what I said last week about mittens. As it turns out, you can never have too many dresses, either! Or shoes. Or purses. I am getting side-tracked…)

This Spiral Pleats Dress from emilyryan is absolutely wonderful, and would love to add it to my wardrobe! I love the style, the color and everything else about it. It is just funky enough to be unique, yet not over-the-top. It is also versatile – the grey will go with just about every color! I can just see myself wearing it this summer with white flat sandals and a new bag that I recently ordered – it matches perfectly, as you will see for yourself in the next edition of jaC Procures on Etsy! Well, maybe not the next as the bag is not yet here, but as soon as the bag arrives, I will give it my undivided attention, I promise.

I do see something that is suitable for the cold weather – this incredible Cowl Neck Pocket Tunic. Emilyryan says it is a best seller, and I can see why! It’s just the right size, too… Husband, are you following me? OK, OK, one dress at a time…


  1. I am following. Refer to conversation above. Very cute, though. I love the blog.

  2. LOL Bert, you're such a great JaC supporter/follower!

    Janna, I am right there with you, you can never have enough shoes (I'm stylin about 70 pairs at the moment) and purses, oh and definitely never enough clothing! Now I'm all excited about getting some new things too!

  3. That dress is funk-tabulous!!

    Would it camoflouge a big butt and hips?? hee hee

    Seriously stylish, I've never seen this seller before. Love her shop!

  4. 70 pairs of shoes?! I think I have a new goal in life, Alison - to work up to that number!

  5. Very stylish dress indeed.. great taste :)

    Btw, my favourite bubble tea is Honey green tea! Sometimes just plain milk tea. Craving for one now.. :q

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