Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Failed Hat = A Neck Warmer

Husband asked to make him a hat and scarf for Christmas. We went and picked out yarn, bought a book with the design he wanted, and I got started. I made the cap and was about to make the crown, but when he tried on the cap, it was WAY too big on him!
I was back to square one. I was about to undo the cap and re-use the yarn, when he said: “Wait, are you going to destroy the cap?!” Then he took it from me, pulled it over his head and onto his neck, and said: “This can be a neck warmer!”

So, he made out well – instead of a two-piece set, he’s got all three! Here he is, modeling his new neck warmer for everyone.

Pictures of the hat and scarf are coming soon!


  1. totoally cool.. love the color.... and so wonderful that is so understanding and can see things outside the box a little. great neck warmer and wonderful husband :)

  2. I love the neck warmer Janna! Great blue too, your hubby is such a great model and a good sport, LOL!

  3. You knit too?? Or is that crochet ~ Sorry, I have a hard time telling the two apart :)

    I bought a neck warmer for myself on Etsy ~ love it!!

  4. What a great idea! It's awesome!