Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Wearables – More Lampwork, Frame Beads and Wire-Wrapping!

Last Friday, I said I wasn’t going to have any new items to show off today because I had finals this week. Well, that turned out to not be the case, because I made – are you ready? – 11 new pieces since then! I swear, as soon as I have all this pressure to study, I turn around and make jewelry – lots of it! No worries, though; I am pleased to report that finals went well for me, and now I get a break for a little while.

Want to see my latest beauties?

The Bluest Ocean Bracelet - Blue and White Lampwork Beads, Sterling Silver and Snow Quartz Bracelet: This bracelet took its sweet time coming to life. I got these incredible handmade lampwork beads from the very talented Kara of idzyne early December and tried to pair them with something a number of times. NOTHING looked good! Then I ordered these fantastic Bali sterling silver beads for another project, and when they showed up, I knew they would look incredible with the lampwork beads. Doesn’t it look like they were meant for each other?

I am really liking wire-wrapping! It’s not a break-through technique or anything, but I’m experimenting more and more with it and love the results. Lady in Red Earrings - Deep Red Swarovski Drop and Sterling Silver Earrings and Purple Princess Earrings - Purple Swarovski Drop Crystal and Flower Vermeil Earrings are each stunning in their own way.

Last but not least, I procured a hefty supply of my favorite components – frame beads! They are the most treasured possession in my supply stash right now. I hoard them and use them sparingly. :)

When the last frame bead piece sold the other week, I knew it was time to temporarily suspend the rationing and use some up! I made these adorable Rain Drop Earrings - Sterling Silver Frame Beads and Blue/Aqua Pearl Earrings. They are the simplest design I have ever created using frame beads, and they turned out so very cute.

That’s it for this Friday – you know where to find the other eight pieces.


  1. Again all beautiful masterpieces Janna! My favorite is The Bluest Ocean Bracelet, I am in love with the blue in this bracelet!

  2. One is prettier than the next but I love the bracelet but of course, I am partial to lampwork beads since I make them also.

  3. Glad to hear finals went well. Do you have a bit of a break now?

    The bluest ocean bracelet is stunning. Nice job. The rain drop earrings are great, too. I'm going to hop over to your Etsy site and check out the rest. Have a great day!

  4. I am sure I could never pick a favorite from your collection of such beautiful stuff!!

  5. You know my feelings on purple ~ I heart those earrings.

    The lampwork beads in your new bracelet are as magnificent as any I've seen. The colors are so patriotic and I really love that piece!