Saturday, February 21, 2009

How to Lose Weight in an Hour

I finally got a much-needed haircut last week. Then, the other day, a male acquaintance asked:

“Did you lose weight?”
“You look like you did.”
“I got a haircut…”
“Maybe it’s the haircut. You look like you lost weight.”

Well, if that is the case, then that’s the best haircut I’ve ever gotten, because I’ve never gotten such a reaction before! The funny part is, I actually gained some (my jeans don’t lie).

In this picture, Brittany Daniel’s haircut resembles my new style pretty closely, except mine is about an inch shorter.

The con? It’s a little shorter than I had in mind (I was all set to grow out my hair again).

The pros?

  1. It’ll grow back soon, so no big deal that it’s too short.
  2. It’s a totally new style for me, and I love the edginess and a slight messiness to it!
  3. This is the only haircut I’ve ever had that does not require extensive styling to look good (I used to ask for haircuts that look good without much work all the time, but they never turned out as such, so I stopped asking!). It takes about five minutes to blow-dry it, use a round brush on a couple of layers at the top and run a little bit of styling product through my hair – done! I love it.
  4. The best one yet... It makes men think I lost weight!

Ladies, if you want a man to think you lost weight, get a haircut! Did you have any idea it was THAT easy?


  1. Must be the season for haircuts -- I got mine cut this week, too. That is a super cute style. Mine is similar, same length, but I can never get it to look quite that sexy. Maybe highlights would help. :)

  2. LOL, Janna! Your title of this post caught my attention! That is such a cute hair cut, I'm totally itching to cut mine now!

  3. Love the style..and yes I need to get mine cut badly. And I too like something that doesn't take hours to fix...want to blow it and go...

  4. That's my kinda of weight loss plan ~ haha

    The cut is very chic ~ I love it!!

  5. p.s. her necklace is cool too. A lariat!!