Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How to Make A Pompom - Tutorial

You remember my failed attempt at making a hat from last week, don’t you? Well, the good news is that I finally finished my very first hat – the one that fits Husband just right. An even better news is that I also made him a matching scarf, as originally planned – and he loves them both. The bad news is that it’s now 70 degrees outside! Don’t get me wrong – I love the warm weather in the middle of February, but it renders both the hat and the scarf unnecessary. OK, this really is not what this post is about!

One morning last week, Husband was excited to see his hat almost finished and asked, “Are you going to make the fluffy ball now?” It took me a minute to process and realize that he was talking about a pompom. I must admit that I’m gradually getting pretty good at deciphering his language – at first, it took me a while to realize that he was talking about swans, whom he referred to as “those white birds with long necks”. I digress again… I went ahead and made the pompom, and documented the process. If you ever need/want to make a pompom, here is how! It’s very easy and fun to make.

1. Cut two identical circles from paper. Light cardboard works well – it’s sturdy enough, and easy to cut. Then, cut a small circle in the center. The wider the diameter of the circle, the bigger your pompom will be. As you can see, I didn’t do a very good job of cutting perfect circles, but if you use a geo compass, it’ll be a LOT easier!

2. Place one circle on top of another. Holding both circles, start wrapping yarn around them.

3. You can use as many or as few colors you as like. As you can see in the second picture, I switched from blue to white.

4. Keep going until you have a good amount of yarn wrapped around the circle. The more yarn, the fuller or denser the pompom will be.

5. Cut yarn all the way around along the outer edges of the cardboard.

6. Place a piece of string between the two layers of cardboard, and wrap it around until both ends meet. Tie the string in two tight knots (I like to tie more than one knot to ensure the first one doesn’t come apart).

7. Carefully remove the two pieces of cardboard. Voila - you just finished a pompom!

Pictures of the hat and scarf are coming soon!


  1. OK Janna, clue us in here . . . is Martha Stewart your mom???

    hee hee

  2. Haha, no, but my mom could easily be Martha - she knows how to do just about every type of craft!

  3. I love it Janna! You did such a great job demonstrating how to make one!

  4. Your pictures on how to do a pompom was really a great idea...nice post.

  5. SO much fun... this is the best way i have seen to make them... I watched something the other day with some little plastic thing and I was more than confused.. ok so that is not a far stretch but still.. this is great.. thanks