Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Receivables – Boots!

I love boots. Wearing them makes me feel cozy on cold winter days. I especially love tall boots that you can wear with skinny jeans, not only because they look adorable but also because most jeans are too long for me, but if I tuck them into tall boots, nobody will know. I have a number of boots (I’m afraid to count), but here are two pairs that I wouldn’t mind adding to my wardrobe (even though there is no room for any more right now).

Cole Haan Air Lucie Tall boots – I found these on Zappos, and it was love at first sight. Yes, these red patent leather beauties are pricey even on sale, but if I keep my eye out for them at DSW, I may get lucky! I’ve gotten unbelievable deals at that store. The trick is to go there and not expect to find any cute/good/cheap footwear or be looking for anything in particular. When I m on a mission, I will find zilch! When, however, I walk into that store just to pass time, all of a sudden I find a pair that has been discounted 80%, and it’s the only one in my size.

Then there are these BCBGirls Petler boots, in Driftwood Rich Coco color (translation: brown). I spotted these on Zappos as well. They look so comfortable, albeit cost about three times more than what I’d like to pay for them. Wish me luck – maybe I’ll see these in DSW, waiting for me in the clearance section in the back of the store!

P.S. A quick reminder that today is the last day to enter the Hapiness Earrings giveaway! Hurry if you haven't yet entered!

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  1. I'm in love with those red boots too! You've just given me a great reason to head over to DSW too! I got a pair of blue ones last year, but red... well that's my favorite color!