Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday Irreplaceables – Chocolate

Need I say more? Here are my three absolute favorites:

1. Almond in the Coconut from Trader Joe’s – Crunchy almonds and a creamy coconut center enrobed in milk chocolate. Delicious (if not too nutritious)! A recent discovery for me, and my mom-approved! Not for kids - for herself, that is. :) As you can see, the container is half-full – picture time couldn’t come fast enough for me!

2. Dark Chocolate Roasted Pistachio Toffee, also from Trader Joe’s – simply fantastic (but beware – if you get carried away with these, you can easily break a tooth. Now that I warned you, go ahead, try these!). This container is also half-full, and I’m again the culprit.

3. Bounty (manufactured by Mars Inc) – Moist tender coconut covered in thick milk chocolate. This one is an old favorite of mine! If you live in the U.S., your prospects of sampling this delicious goodness are not great: it is only sold in limited locations, and the only place I have been able to find it is World Market, and even there you have to play detective to find it amid hundreds of other chocolates. Actually, this is not such a bad thing – the less people buy it, the more there is for me! If you live in Canada, Europe, Australia, you can enjoy ample amounts of Bounty. I can’t speak to the rest of the cities, but when I was in London a few years ago, I was delighted to find Bounty ice cream!


  1. I'm a chocoholic too!! I've never bought TJ's chocolate, but that is because I'd have less-than-half full containers in no time flat :O

    Thanks for the tip on Bounty bars ~ I'll have to pick up some on my next dash across the border ;)

  2. I've seen those Bounty Bars too at Cost Plus, I'll have to try them next time! I even found some Maltese chocolate there too!

    I love Trader Joe's chocolate, I think I buy some every time I go. My favorite is the chocolate covered raspberry sticks, the chocolate covered sunflowers seeds and... Being in a family of five and all chocoholic we can't go a week without there being chocolate in the house!

  3. Oh, how funny - I LOVE those raspberry sticks, too! Husband isn't a big fan of them, which only means more for me. :)

  4. Just because of you I am running into Cost Plus and snatching up some Bounty's....

  5. I live nowhere near a Trader Joe's. I am totally jealous!!! That stuff looks good!!!!!!!!!!