Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday Irreplaceables – Kiehl’s Lip Balm

I was getting my makeup done for our engagement pictures (the session was also a dry run for the wedding) when the makeup artist said to me: “Your lips are so chapped! Get yourself some lip balm, sweetie.” I knew they were, but didn’t decide to do something about it until she mentioned it. Having chapped lips on my wedding day would be simply uncute!

I remembered that a friend mentioned Kiehl’s lip balm, so I went to the mall in search of it. There it was at Nordstrom! At first, I thought paying $6.50 for a tube of lip balm was a bit ridiculous, but I did it anyway. If you think about it, that’s two Starbucks lattes – I don’t often get coffee there, but still.

Well, after nearly two years, I can tell you that it’s worth every penny! The Lip Balm #1 tube lasts forever, and does wonders to chapped lips. I am not speaking from just my own experience, either. When Husband came out of emergency appendicitis surgery, his lips were chapped. They looked very, very bad. I took out my Kiehl’s balm, put some on his lips, and it fixed it with one application! I know it sounds too good to be true, but it worked.

Now this little tube is a must in my purse; I don’t go anywhere without it! I also like to put a thin layer over lipstick, which adds a little bit of shine!


  1. that sounds great.. I will have to check into it.. i love the little tubes of flavored stuff and buy some off of etsy from friends but something that works that kind of magic is worth a try.

    BTW I left a suprise for you on my blog today :)

  2. I have used this product before and yes it really do work..and just that fast. Always have it with me...

  3. Some indulgences are worth the extra $$. Mine is the Body Shop's Olive body butter. *Nothing* compares to it, IMO.

    I've heard lots of good about Kiehl's products. Must try them soon!