Monday, March 9, 2009

jaC Procures on Etsy – Mermaid Card

One of my closest friends decided to leave me for the West Coast and headed to AZ – just like that, packed up her car and drove off! OK, not quite. She didn’t declare hatred towards me or anything like that – she was just tired of the East Coast and needed a change. And it wasn’t just like that – there was a little planning involved. Either way, I still can’t imagine that she’s so far away! The great thing about her being so far away is she writes me letters! Every month or so, a card from her will show up in my mailbox, filled with news and details of her new life! I just love that because nobody writes letters anymore.

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting here thinking that I should write her back at least once (I’ve called and e-mailed, and sent her a Christmas package, but not actually written her a snail mail letter). My existing cards seemed rather boring, so I pounced on Etsy, and there it was: an amazingly beautiful reproduction of Morgyn Stranahan’s mermaid drawing! I was drawn to it, and the rest of her amazing work, immediately. Her style is quirky and unique, and I can see her art on my living room walls. Take a look at her full portfolio here. While it is hard to pick favorites, I am especially in awe of this black and white Frida Kahlo drawing print and this silk screen print of a bee drawing.

Thank you, Morgyn, for your beautiful work - I know my friend is going to love the Mermaid card!


  1. Letter writing is a lost art form. I love handmade cards, but I usually buy them and tuck them away. Email has taken over my life :) You've inspired me to send a letter!

  2. Morgyn's Mermaid card is beautiful, she's a really talented artist! I love receiving cards in the mail, I'm always surprised when I get one and I love the thought that goes with sending and receiving cards. Like Stacy said, email has taken over! Taking a moment to sit down and write a card would probably take no more time than writing an email. I too am inspired!

  3. Thanks for posting this and thanks for all the compliments! I love writing letters too. Email mostly, but snail mail you always know it will be a pleasant surprise on the other end.