Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Receivables - Ceramics by Heather Knight

Lately I have had the urge to decorate, even though there is not a free wall at home. I think it’s because we are moving in just a few months, and I am ready for our new home!

I love to accessorize – pictures, vases and other home décor items turn a new place into a cozy home. I usually create highly textured oil paintings to match the furniture whenever we move – I love anything 3-D, and the more textured elements, the better! I have been eyeing Heather Knight’s incredible work ever since I first saw it in her Etsy shop a few months ago; not only is it plenty textured, but it is also nature-inspired!

While it is hard to pick out a favorite, I am in awe of this Micro Tile Succulent (top picture); it is also available in a larger size. This ceramic 3-d textured wall tile, Lichen (bottom picture) is also stunning! The raw beauty of this natural and unglazed porcelain makes it look clean and crisp, and I can just see how terrific it would look on a deep purple or navy blue wall.

How great would an entire collection of these beauties look in our new place?!


  1. I love your picks Janna! You find the most interesting things. Heather's creation are truly beautiful and have great dimension to them.

  2. These are so cool...great pick.

  3. Those are awesome! I think, rather than painting the tiles, they would look incredible kept white and displayed on a dark accent wall, like blue or brown or a deep, scrumptious red. Yummy!

  4. Those are really great...I can see them up on the wall. And I think the colors you would blend them with would be stunning...