Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Multi-Usables – Glass Vases!

Today’s post will give you several ideas for using glass vases! I have been a fan of glass vases of all shapes and forms for a long time, but my favorites are rectangular ones.

These REKTANGEL vases from IKEA are the perfect size – not to big or too small. They are 6” tall, 4” wide and 3” deep, and are only $2.49! You do have to go to an IKEA store to buy these as they are not available online.

Here are a few suggested uses:

Candleholders: When I picked out large rectangular vases for my wedding reception, I wanted lots of matching candle holders to match. I looked everywhere and finally found there vases at IKEA. What’s even better is that I found unscented ivory pillar candles, also at IKEA, that fit the vases just so! I stocked up on both, and each table had four candle holders that matched the large vases. At the end of the reception, I offered the guests to take the vases home as mementos, and they loved them! (These were not in lieu of wedding favors – I had “official” wedding favors, made by yours truly, to give out to each guest.) I got several of the vases left, and I use them quite a bit.

Flower Vases: I love that you can see the flower stems through the glass, and the size is great if you don’t have room for tall bouquets or large vases. I put a few of these all around the house – on the dining table, on the side table next to the couch and even on my desk, and they barely take any room! Both small and large flowers (such as these gorgeous sunflowers) look fantastic in them. Although you can't see it too well, I filled the vase pictured here with river rock before I added water.

Makeup Brush Holders: These vases are very handy for holding your makeup brushes – I added a few sea shells to mine, and my sister put colorful glass marbles into hers. You can also hold various bathroom accessories in them.

Plant Pots:
I’ve used these to plant orchids, but you can plant any other type of plant too. I’ve got a huge zizi plant growing in a large glass vase for years, and it is loving it!

Be creative and have fun with these!


  1. I love those vases. I did a very similar thing for my wedding too! I use vases to photograph earrings off of, for holding some of my tools, paint brushes and I have one full of broken or chipped beads. The beads looks so pretty as they are filling the jar, sad that they are broken beads but they are making a vase look pretty.

  2. Are those sea shells that you collected at the beach?? hee hee

    I was going to say that they would make great bead holders but Alison bead me to it :)

    IKEA rocks!