Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday Multi-Usables – Sea Shells

I am always amazed by the beauty and variety of sea shells – no two are ever alike, and there is something mysterious about them!

They are great decorative elements. You don’t have to do much to them to accessorize your home – simply fill a glass vase with shells or place several large shells on a shelf. To make an arrangement for a coffee table, take a large decorative plate, fill it with river rocks and stones, and place one or two pillar candles in the center.

To make pretty event favors, fill small containers with shells and decorate them with ribbon – in the picture I used a plastic heart-shaped container. Alternatively, you can fill a container with decorative sand and finish it off with a shell, like I have done here.

On a more practical note, use a large sea shell as a soap dish! I love household accessories that are both functional and look aesthetically pleasing. :)

Share your ideas for using shells by leaving a comment!


  1. I love seashells...they really are beautiful. I sometimes use them as props in some of my pictures.

  2. You're lucky to live so close to the ocean. We have many lakes but no shells . . . only rocks!

  3. the soapdish is a great idea, janna. most of my shells from living in florida and trips are in ceramic planters or on display by the bath tub. funny story, kinda related, when my husband and i were leaving maui last week, i wanted to ship home some coral shards that i found washed up on the beach (the aquas and oranges matched my guest bath perfectly). the ups lady warned me heavily about the bad karma that abounds when you take coral off the hawaiian islands. another customer chimed in about the negative effects of removing coral from the island. the clerk even showed me a box of coral that was returned to her at the ups store with a note that said "you warned us last year not to take the coral and since then we've had this, this and this happen. we are returning the coral. please replace it on the beach." needly to say i left my coral with the ups lady to return to the beach!

  4. Pam, that is too funny. If you had taken them and gotten bad luck you would have wondered about that forever!

    Janna, I love sea shells! Your soap tray idea is great! I have them throughout my house. We have a good friend that brings us back the most beautiful shells from Vietnam. I've got star fish he's brought back the size of pie plates!