Saturday, March 7, 2009

When the Cow Goes “Moo!”

A couple of weeks ago we went on a road trip. I had woken up at 4 am to get on the road, but had fallen asleep as soon as I got in the car. I woke up at around 7:30 from being cold. It was so frosty out – I am pretty sure it was below freezing. I looked out the window and saw all kinds of cows – big, little, brown, black, light brown… They were milling around a big field and looked like they were having a good time. “How are they not cold?!” I asked Husband, feeling sorry for the poor creatures. “Because they’re wearing leather coats!” he answered. I started laughing, and I think that is the only thing I have ever found funny that early in the morning. Just ask Husband – he will tell you that I am NOT a morning person, and it is best to not speak to me until about 10 am.

After that little episode, I thought it would be fun to visit some cows. Where did I find them, you ask? Right across the street from my apartment building – I can see them from my window! The land where my complex is built used to be an enormous farm back in the day. The owners have since developed some of it but have a small farm just for fun (I don’t think they milk the cows or anything).

These four cows have been here for about a year now; I see them eating hay and walking around every day. It was raining when I went to visit them the first time; they were lying down. I ran up to them to take a picture or two, and they immediately stood up and looked kind of scary. Here they are - not exactly the friendliest animals I’ve ever seen…

Here is where they sleep and maybe eat. I think that’s where they sleep…

Well, seeing the cows in the rain wasn’t good enough, so yesterday I went back to get up close and personal. They weren’t amused. They look mean, don’t they?!

After a little while, though, they got used to us and weren’t as suspicious. I did try to pet them, but they wouldn’t let me. It’s hard to tell who was more scared of whom!

I love this picture the best – the littlest one looks so cute, doesn’t she? She is my favorite. I always pick runts of the litter as favorites. The flash ruined the picture and blinded the poor thing (I am no Ansel Adams), but you can still see how cute she is.

We made friends with the cows in the end. No more such sitings after we move to the big city in just a couple of months - then it'll be all skyscrapers!

Oh, and this is the dandelion I found on the way back. Dandelions are technically weeds and aren’t good for agriculture and gardening, but I loved how bright and yellow it was – like a little Sun amid the grass that’s still mostly brown.


  1. You can eat dandelions in salads and make tea out of them :)

    Its only a weed if you don't want it!

    You need to go find some calfs... those suckers will let you pet them and they'll even try to suck on your hand. That or maybe ours was trying to steal my engagement ring. I'm not sure on that one yet.

  2. MOO... I love your cows Janna! Yes, I'm calling them your cows from now on, LOL! How great is it that you have a bit of country around you. Once you moved to NY you'll have to drive a little to see the country. I'm a total city girl but living were I live in California I have the best of both worlds, only within minutes I can see horses and cows too.

  3. This story made me laugh :) Cows are funny creatures.

    In the summer when we drive through the rural towns on our way up North, we can smell the cows before we actually see them. Good thing it was cold and you had your windows rolled up that day ;)

  4. Love your pictures of the cows. When we traveled back and forth across this country the kids would count cows to keep entertained. I did get tired of hearing "Look at the Cow Look at the Cow" though when they were really little. But then in a car with two little ones you have to do something...
    Dandelions as someone else say can be eaten and make wine from. When I was little my Grandmother to me Dandelions were God's Flowers..a flower they could pick and give to their Mommy. I still think of them that way....