Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Wearables – Coral Designs for the Summer!

Sometimes I work and work on a piece, and it doesn’t come out as planned. I take it apart and try again until I get it right. Other times, the design just puts itself together, and the final result is even better than I had imagined! This was the case with the three fantastic pieces I just added to my shop; they are made with the prettiest coral components and are terrific for the summer!

These Sea Branch Earrings - Pink/Pale Salmon Coral and Sterling Silver Earrings are just amazing. They are delicate and dainty, and I love how the tiny coral branches come together to form a fluid and free-flowing outlines. Imagine wearing these with a white sun dress – so light and airy! They are also perfect for a bride who is having a beach wedding!
Next is the Underwater World Bracelet - Pink Coral and Pewter Fish Bracelet and Underwater World Anklet - Pink Coral and Pewter Fish Anklet duo (available for sale separately) made with the prettiest pink coral and the most adorable fish toggles. When I saw these fish toggle clasps, I knew I couldn’t pass them up! These pieces are great for the summer, even if you are not a beach lover. :)


  1. these are beautiful, janna! so lovin' the pale coral colors. i might just have to get my ears pierced to wear the top ones! pam

  2. Those earrings are totally stunning..that shade of coral is beautiful...