Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Wearables – Light (as in Not Heavy) Jewelry

I called my one and only sister to find out what she wanted for her upcoming Birthday. “Jewelry”, she said. “Something bright red and lightweight.” You see, anything heavier than a single strand of pearls is too heavy for her, so the necklace would have to be delicate. As much as she loves the chunkier designs, she just cannot wear them (unless she’s in the outer space - everything is weightless in a vacuum!). Right away, a design popped into my head, and I began searching for the perfect red beads. She is the best sister in the world, and I was not willing to settle for anything but the perfect components for that design. I found some rubies; fancy, but more of a pomegranate red – not red red. I found some garnet and tourmaline – pretty, but still not the right shade.

I turned to my good friend Alison of Alison Kelley Designs for advice, and she recommended I use Swarovski crystals in a shade called coral. I have never seen that shade in person, but knew that Alison would not sway me the wrong way. The crystals came, and they were that exact red shade I had in mind! I got to working on the necklace, and it came out even better than I had imagined. Here it is! The best thing? Despite having nearly 70 crystals attached to it, it’s practically weightless!

If you are looking for a light necklace, check out this beautiful Evening Primrose Necklace - Sterling Silver, Citrine and White Rice Pearl Necklace. It is feminine, delicate and summery.

Can’t wear heavy earrings? No worries: these Think Pink Earrings - Pink Swarovski Crystal Teardrops and Sterling Silver Earrings (Threaders) are so light, you won’t even know you’re wearing earrings!


  1. Being a lover of "red" myself I had to tell you about these amazing crystals! The coral red Swarovski crystals are so vibrant and because they are opaque the colors pops even more. Your design and work of this necklace is amazing! Your sister is going to freak when she sees it!

  2. Can I be your sister??

    Yours is lucky, that's for sure!

  3. beautiful work, janna. have a great weekend. looks like it's gonna be sunny here. hopefully a good farmers market tomorrow. pam