Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How Many Push-Ups Can You Do?

As of today, I can do ONE. I am talking about real push-ups – not the fake kind (you know, the one you do with your legs bent at your knees. Those don’t count as I can do a bunch of those).

I know what you’re thinking – one real push-up isn’t much. Until now though I could do zero real push-ups, so that’s a 100% increase! Not bad at all.

There are three explanations for my newly found ability to perform a single push-up:

1. Supernatural powers;

2. I am getting lighter; and

3. My arms are getting stronger.

I doubt it’s the first. Alas, I am pretty sure it’s not the second either. I have, however, been doing fake push-ups for over six weeks now, and my arms have been getting stronger. It has got to be the third reason!

I will see how many push-ups I can do tomorrow. How many can you do?

*I found this adorable image at I look absolutely ridiculous doing push-ups; the baby is a much better and cuter alternative!


  1. I only know what are Push-up bras. lol

    Btw, cute photo! :)


  2. ok, i guess i'm the only one that took this seriously and actually dropped to the floor. i did 9! nose to carpet ones too. it helps that i've been doing upper body workouts at the gym.

  3. and i meant to add...quivered on 7, shook on 8, long pause between 8 and 9, barely got back up on 9.

  4. OMG Pam you are too funny! I love everyones responses, I needed a smile put on my face today. Okay let me drop and give you... 3! I shook on the third one but it eventually got done! Hey that means I can do two more than the last time we talked, LOL :)