Monday, April 27, 2009

jaC Procures at Wal Mart – New Nail Polish!

Painting my nails is an excellent way to cheer myself up. I have no idea why it has that effect on me, but it does! Last summer in NYC, I got a manicure weekly for only $10. Prices are so low because of stiff competition – there are several salons for you to choose from on each block. That’s when I got adventurous and started getting my nails painted all sorts of fun colors – bright coral, pale coral, scarlet red… OK maybe I didn’t get THAT adventurous.

After returning from NYC, I would paint my nails now and then; now that it is getting warmer, I have been painting them weekly! Today I headed to Wal Mart to buy a few summer shades. Want to see my loot?

L’Oreal is my favorite nail polish brand; I usually do two coats and finish off with a top coat. The manicure lasts about a week, virtually intact. Here are the colors:

On the left: Sweet Nothings, #180 - my favorite neutral shade that looks subtle (and as all light colors do it makes your nails look bigger).

On the right: Top coat, #110 – I’ve been using L’Oreal top coat for years with great results! It works well with other nail polish brands also.

In the middle: are you ready for this one? I am just going to show you.

Trust Fund Baby, #400. I would have never guessed on that one even if I tried. I was expecting to see something soft and pretty to describe the delicate pink that’s in the bottle, like “Shimmery Rose” or “Sweet Cheeks”. But "Trust Fund Baby"? Hmmm… Anyway, I’ve never had pink nails, but thought this understated shade is good for the spring/summer season. I tried it out already, and I think I’ll have to apply three coats to get the density I want. Otherwise, despite the bizarre name, it’s very nice.


  1. I believe in pampering one's self!! I'm too lazy to do my own mani/pedi, though. $10 is a steal. And I love those nail colors too.

  2. How funny! I think I would buy that polish just for the name. I suppose when you get done painting your nails you are supposed to look like Paris Hilton. ha!

  3. I love the look of painted nails but I don't have the patience to do it very often. I just can't seem to sit in one place long enough to let them try without ruining them! LOL, I'd totally go for going out and getting them done though. Love the nail polish name, if only!

  4. Painting my nails has always been something I couldn't quite achieve. I've painted them, but it doesn't last. It chips away, or peels away or just falls off somehow. Depressing.