Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Receivables – Kitty Print

I am sure by now you know my love for cats and all things feline. While browsing on Etsy to make yet another Treasury (a shopping list curated by Etsy members), I stumbled upon amberalexander’s shop.

What a great find it was! The shop is filled with Amber’s originals, prints and greeting cards. I love her sense of humor – for example, I thought this Eat Your Peas print was both adorable and hilarious.

Another favorite of mine is this Les Mews- French Revolution Kitty print and this portrait of a fox cleverly named Mademoiselle. Check out Amber’s shop for more terrific artistic finds!


  1. This is a beautiful work of art! I love the fact that the cat is trying to eat peas with a fork, now if only I could get my kids to do the same, maybe this would inspire them :)

  2. Her shop is fantastic..anything to do with cats is great with me..I like the Eat You Peas, I was forever saying that to my daughter..still hates them. Really love SOMEBODY has to brush it...That is so one of my pushy cats..Thanks for sharing her shop with us...