Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday Receivables – Summer Flats!

We are moving to a big city and getting rid of our cars in a mere two months! Comfortable shoes are a must for all the walking around I will be doing when we get there. Thinking ahead, I searched for the perfect sandals online. Last summer I learned that flat minimalist leather thong sandals work the best for my feet. The first place I checked was Nine West. Typically, Nine West offers comfortable quality shoes at reasonable prices; I still have a pair of brown sandals I purchased there last summer, and they are fantastic. As of right now, their online selection is limited; I didn’t see anything that was a must for me. Perhaps they have more choices in stores. Until I am able to check one out, I turned to Nordstrom website, and found three fantastic pairs at prices similar to those you’d pay at Nine West. Here they are!

Franco Sarto 'Jitter' Sandals, $69.95, come in four different colors. My vote is gold – it will go with any outfit and will tactfully add a little sparkle to your outfit. Picture these with a white summer dress or a black tank and jeans! That buckle in the front is adorable.

DV by Dolce Vita 'Dahlia' Sandals, $49.95, in black patent leather, are elegant and slim. They have a tiny barely noticeable stacked heel, and will look terrific with anything you wear, from a casual outfit to a smart casual dress.

Steve Madden 'Seeri' Sandals, $49.95 (and free shipping!), in white patent leather, are terrific; the only draw-back is that they are synthetic. Another simple style, these sandals will look crisp and clean with your outfit. I have an oversized white purse to wear with them.


  1. I love shoes so any excuses to buy new ones for the season is great. Once the weather starts getting nice I can't stand to wear sock so sandals are a much have, these are really cute Janna, nice picks.

  2. I definitely favor comfort when it comes to shoes because I am paying for all the damage I did in my 20's by wearing bad shoes for the sake of fashion. With that said, cuteness is also important and these are super cute sandals that I can actually wear! I can't do heels much anymore :(