Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Receivables – Sweet Treats from The Fetching Hound!

I have been working out five times a week in an attempt to melt away a few extra pounds that have stuck around ever since the holidays for longer that I would have liked.

Husband said I should cut out sweets (he said this right before making me a key lime pie and a coconut cream pie – I think we’ve got a case of man logic here). I said OK, after the pies are gone, no more sweets.

And then I see this.

And this.And so many other tasty treats that make me want to jump into my laptop screen and get lost in The Fetching Hound’s shop filled with delicious goodness!

Why maybe hopefully look good in that summer dress weeks from now when you could be enjoying these confections now?! Well, not right this second – but with a click of the Etsy checkout button, you can have these delivered to you the day they are made. Immediate gratification guaranteed. Goodbye gym, hello The Fetching Hound’s shop!


  1. Those look so yummy right here before breakfast.

  2. Whoa, mama needs some chocolate now.

    By the way, I saw your treasury on the front page the other day. Congrats!

  3. Oh, these look so good! I could totally go for one of these treats right now!