Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Unreasonables – Some People are Slow Learners

By some people, I mean I. A few years ago around this time a year, I didn’t realize I was having allergies, and they eventually turned into bronchitis. Every year since then, you’d think that a thick layer of yellow/green pollen that covers everything outside (and even inside when I leave windows open) would be my clue that it’s time to take Claritin and don’t spend too much time outside. It’s a reasonable expectation I have of myself. Yet, every year without fail I forget that I have allergies and think that it’s just a mild cold until I can hardly breathe. This year, I set a new record by going for 3-mile brisk walks when pollen count was at its highest. How unsmart. The faster I walked, the more pollen I inhaled, which made for a miserable week this week.

Maybe next year I will finally learn (but probably not). In the mean time, enjoy some pretty pictures I took on one of my walks!


  1. I grew up in Chapel Hill/Hillsborough NC and I miss it so much now! I love looking at these photos and thinking of home :)

  2. Looks so pretty! Reminds me of home. I hope you feel better soon. Allergies are no fun!