Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Time-Saving Trick – Organize your Silverware

My mom’s company paid for all employees to attend a workshop on how to get organized and free up time to increase productivity both at work and at home. One way to save time on cleaning the mess on your desk is to never make the mess to begin with; that means filing papers where they belong right away instead of piling them up on your desk. The thinking was, instead of spending time on cleaning your desk, you’ll use that time on working on client projects.

I applied this principle to placing silverware in the dishwasher. Instead of randomly putting utensils into the dishwasher, I place each type into a separate compartment every time I put dishes away – salad forks go with salad forks, bigger forks go with other bigger forks, tea spoons go with other tea spoons, and so on. Once I run the dishwasher, all I have to do is pick up each silverware type and put it away – no need to spend time separating the various utensils!

Give it a try and see if it saves you a little bit of time. :)

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  1. LOL, great minds think alike! I do this and it makes it easier for the kids to put away the dishwasher utensils since it's their job now :)

  2. You know I have never even thought about sorting my silverware in the dishwasher.


    It seems so simple, yet not...

  3. My daughter laughs at my slightly OCDness..I have to have things in order, yes even in the dishwasher. I hate having a cluttered makes my mind feel cluttered. When I finish with something it goes back to the files. My shop's even that way, don't like the clutter on my work table. And yes it does safe time....