Thursday, April 2, 2009

To Keep or Not to Keep?

More than two years ago, after another yet hair dryer died, I purchased a professional one. I spent a pretty penny on it, and it was every bit worth it – I loved how much fuller and shinier my hair looked, and how much quicker it dried.

The other day, I turned on the dryer, and all of a sudden smoke started coming out of it, and it got quiet. I turned it off, waited a little and turned it back on - it worked on the cool and low heat settings, but not the high-heat one I usually use. I went straight to my computer and ordered the exact same dryer as a replacement immediately.

After an hour, I went to try out my dryer again just in case. What do you know – it was working again! It has worked flawlessly ever since.

Here is the dilemma: the new hair dryer showed up today. Do I keep it or return it?


  1. ooh, that's a tough one. me... i'd constantly worry that the old one would catch on fire while i was blowdrying my hair, then catch my hair on fire, then the drapes, ... but that's just me.

  2. I'd probably keep it. I'd be afraid that as soon as I returned it the dryer would go kapoot for good. But if I kept it, my dryer would actually last for years and by the time it finally died I'd have forgotten about the replacement and I'd buy a new one.

    But that's just me thinking too much, like normal. ;)

  3. I'll keep it. I like to keep 'extra' just to play safe. haha. Paranoid me.

  4. I would keep it and store it for later if this one dies. or you could give it away to a friend as a gift or as a contest on your blog ;)