Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday Irreplaceables – Toe Socks

Next time you run a marathon, get yourself a pair of these socks! I heard all sorts of horror stories about what happens to a runner’s feet during a marathon (and I can see why – I just cannot imagine running THAT many miles!). Husband wore a pair of these when he ran his first marathon, and ended up with two very minor blisters – that’s all!

On a more realistic note, even if you are not a runner, these are great for any type of athletic activity. They don’t look very comfortable, but in fact they are! I got my very own pair of pink Injinji Tetratsok Mini Crew Socks for Christmas (and I'll give you $5 if you say Injinji really fast 10 times without getting your tongue twisted). They are as adorable as they are comfortable. I wear them when I go for walks and to exercise, and they have been fantastic. While they fit each toe like a glove, they are made to virtually prevent blisters. I have not tried other brands; these particular ones come in several different colors and are well worth the $12 price!

1 comment:

  1. LOL, Bert did you get them in pink too :) Sorry had to ask that, hehe.

    I love how the toes have their own little slots like gloves. Blisters are terrible so anything to prevent getting bad ones is a good thing.