Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday Multi-Usables – Aluminum Foil

In addition to all the typical uses for aluminum foil, here are two more:

Use aluminum foil to wrap sandwiches when you take them to work/school for lunch. I have never liked saran wrap (maybe because even the brand names don’t stick to anything, ever!), and aluminum foil is a great substitute. I put avocados, lettuce and other fillers into my sandwiches, and aluminum foil keeps the sandwiches together wonderfully!

Store your opened chunks of cheese in aluminum foil. The cheese will stay fresh much longer and not mold! I have tried it out on a chunk of brie cheese; so far so good.

Share your unconventional uses with everyone by leaving a comment!


  1. It's great for wrapping leftover **Birthday Cake**

    Happy Birthday to you, Janna :D

  2. I wrap my kids sandwiches with foil and you're right it keeps their sandwiches intact. Another way that I use foil in in my work area, I lay a piece of foil down when I am gluing, so no glue mess on my desk and it's easy to clean up.

    Hope you are having a great birthday Janna!

  3. In the good ole days we use to put foil on the rabbit ears to get a better picture on the TV..Boy does that date me..:)

  4. Which side is the ideal use? Does it matter or not?

  5. If is published where will I find the answer? Joan.

  6. I tried to research which side is better, but didn't get very far...