Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Multi-Usables – Dishwashing Liquid

In addition to using dishwashing liquid for its intended purpose, I’ve got two more uses to share with you!

If you have grease stains on your clothes, use dishwashing liquid to remove them. Place a drop of the liquid directly on the stain and rub it well. Rinse out the dishwashing liquid and check if the stain has come out. For especially tough stains, you may have to repeat the process a few times. After you’ve rinsed the dishwashing liquid, wash the clothes as usual.

While we may not always have jewelry cleaner on hand, we always have a bottle of dishwashing liquid near the kitchen sink. My friend who worked at a family-owned high-end jewelry store learned this trick: use dishwashing liquid to clean your bling! By bling I mean diamonds. Apparently, using the dishwashing liquid is not only cost-effective but results in the most sparkle! Here is how:

1. Place a drop or two of dishwashing liquid into a small container and add warm water. Make sure the dishwashing liquid is dissolved.
2. Place your diamond jewelry into the container and soak overnight.
3. In the morning, gently brush the jewelry with a small brush.
4. Rinse with clean water and enjoy the sparkle!


  1. Great for making homemade bubble solution, too. Just add water (and a little glycerine if you have it) and the kids will love it. :)

  2. Great tips Janna! Dunns, I love your tip too, I didn't know you need to add glycerine, thanks!

    Dish soap is also great if you run of car washing solution.

  3. Glycerine helps the bubbles form. You get bigger, stronger bubbles. But it's not necessary. You can still have fun with just dish soap and water(and hopefully a nice, warm yard to play in).