Monday, May 11, 2009

jaC Procures at Trader Joe’s – Goat Milk

I had heard on the Oprah show (my window to the world… just kidding, I have watched four episodes in the last six year) that grown-up humans can digest goat milk much, much better than regular cow’s milk. A good friend of mine became lactose-intolerant in her early 20s, and apparently it’s pretty common. As it turns out, all mammal babies produce an enzyme to metabolize a mother’s milk. As mammals get older, they no longer need that enzyme. Those who all of a sudden become lactose-intolerant stop producing that enzyme altogether. Did you know that the common belief that cats like milk is a bit of a misnomer? Kittens like milk, but older cats – not necessarily!

I decided to give goat milk a try; I tolerate regular milk just fine, but I was curious. I purchased a quart pictured here at Trader Joe’s. It was pricey – if my memory serves me right, it was around $3.50. Husband made a funny face, but I was excited about trying it! Well, it tastes very similar to cow’s milk, only a bit different. The difference is subtle and hard to describe, but I thought the milk was good! Other than that the consistency and color are identical to cow’s milk. I have to say that if you’re looking for a good milk substitute, this is a much better alternative to soy milk as far as taste goes! Soy milk is full of all sorts of good proteins, though, so I suppose there are tradeoffs.

Do you suppose this adorable chocolate swirl baby goat* will make chocolate swirl milk when it grows up?

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  1. We drink almond milk and really enjoy it. Cow's milk has always grossed me out (much to my Mom's dismay). She was brought up that you HAD to have your glass of milk a day to get enough calcium and steer clear of osteoporosis.

  2. Interesting . . . I know people who swear by goat's milk. In fact, they mentioned it on "Dateline NBC" last night:

  3. Goat's milk is also a great alternative to cow's milk in babys who have a dairy allergy and/or soy allergy. Of course, breastmilk is best, but some babies can't take that or any of the cow/soy formulas on the market and goats milk is a good option. It can be really hard to find in some places, though (like where we are). It's good to read your review and read that it's becoming more readily available.

  4. I raise goats but I don't sell the milk nor do I drink it; there are a lot of people in this area who do drink the milk. Itt costs about $5.00/gallon which is pricey but if you can't tolerate lactose, it is a great alternative. I am told the key to good, fresh goat's milk is to make sure it is cold immediately; I know some people who milk the goat right on to a block of ice.

  5. I actually had the chance to try fresh goat's milk recently! A client of mine has several milk goat's and so I had it really fresh. I liked it; I may stick to soy milk most of the time, but it is a good alternative. I love goat cheese though! -- Samar