Monday, May 25, 2009

Just like Summer Camp

During a recent trip to Beaufort, SC, we visited Parris Island – one of the two locations where Marines are born! After successfully completing a 13-week boot camp, a new class of Marines graduates nearly every week.

ParrisIsland 2

The first stop we made was near the barracks where recruits live. We saw a Drill Sergeant, and seeing his hat brought back a lot of memories for Husband, who completed boot camp a while back.

Right away, a Military Police representative informed us that the barracks are not a tourist attraction. After peeking inside and seeing the austere conditions, I’d hardly call them a tourist attraction!

ParrisIsland 3

I cannot say the same about the rest of the base – located right on the water, it is absolutely beautiful! See for yourself. If it weren’t for several groups of Marines-in-the-making we saw marching around or exercising on a hot Saturday afternoon, you’d think you were at a resort!

ParrisIsland 4ParrisIsland 6ParrisIsland 5 ParrisIsland 1

Husband said that several recruits in his class were furious because their recruiters told them that the 13-week course was going to be just like summer camp! Poor souls… Did they not watch any military movies?!


  1. Camp! ha-ha

    That's a running joke we have, too. When my hubby came back from one of his first field experiences (training in some remote mountainous location in Alaska at 40 below), my mom asked how the camping went. He looked at her like she was crazy. Since then, when he goes to the field, we tell the boys "daddy is going camping" and they think that's pretty cool. :)

  2. Are those palm trees?? For sure it looks like a resort, but I would bet that boot camp is no picnic in the sun!