Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday Receivables – Flats

Recently I came to a sad realization that my high heel days are going to be over very soon – in a little over a month, to be exact! The reason is that we will be living in the Big City, and my “commute” to work will consist of a 12-block walk. Comfortable shoes are a must, and flats or shoes with small heels will do the trick. Shoes are the one thing for which I don’t mind paying a little more – it is important to me to keep my feet happy and healthy, and I found out first hand that you get what you pay for with shoes. I buy classic styles that last me a good while – I still wear shoes I bought in 2003!

I usually buy most of my shoes at DSW at unbelievable prices! While I was surprised to find out that you can now shop at DSW online, I didn’t see anything that I had to have. Besides, there are a lot of brands with which I am unfamiliar, and I prefer to see those in person.

Searching for new items to add to my wish list I headed to Nine West, one of my favorites for well-made shoes at reasonable prices. There I found these adorable Noadiah flat shoes in silver, $79. I love the accent in the front! I have no silver shoes (I can just see Husband reading this and going, “Impossible! You must have something in silver; you have so many shoes!”) Silver flat shoeI found these cute Linea Paolo 'Fallyn' Flats at Nordstrom, another favorite of mine. They are a little pricey at $99.95, but it’s hard to find good shoes in white, so if you’re desperate and if you can make shoes last multiple seasons like I can, then it’s worth it.White flats

These classic Biala 'Raggio' Flats, $74.90, are also available at Nordstrom.

Black flats


  1. Love all you picks on the shoes but my favorites are the last picture...Now I could go for a pair of those...

  2. Hi Darlin',
    How are you doing? I love your taste in shoes. We should probably NOT shop together -- possibly very dangerous!! I just bought a pair of beautiful Cole Haan flats to wear for a job where I have a dress code. Let me tell you -- they really chewed up my heels before they broke in. Flats can be as painful as shoes with heels!!! Love your picks!

  3. Love those silver beauties! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I am so happy to have found yours in return :)