Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We have a day to find our new home! We are going to be looking at apartments all day. If hotels in The Big City weren’t so expensive, we could afford to look longer… They aren’t despite the recession; thus we must find an apartment where we will spend the next two years!

Wish us luck and cross your fingers that we find that perfect place! Our requirements are pretty simple – all we want is a place with a lot of light. A lot of closet space would be nice, too. A washer and dryer in the building would mean we’ll live like kings and queens… Oh and it would be great if cats were allowed because I really want to get a teeny kitten. But we’ll take a bright and sunny apartment, if none of the other amenities are available. :)


  1. good luck on your search! fingers crossed in seattle. pam

  2. Good luck! Alaska's crossing fingers for you too. :) -Holly

  3. I'd say good luck to you again but I know you already found one! Congratulations!!!