Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Unreasonables – Cash is King

Gym One of the most important concepts I learned in business school is that cash is king. I just didn’t realize how big of a king until earlier this week when Husband was calling around local gyms to find out how much it would be for a month-long membership. Now that I have graduated, our gym membership in campus has expired. We have another month until the big move and wanted to have a place to exercise.

He calls a place we spotted while driving back from Target one day.

“How much would it cost me to join your gym for a month?”

“$70 unless you pay in cash. Then it’s $40.”

$40 is nearly half of $70! (Well, 57.14% to be exact, but I understate for emphasis.) That’s a pretty incredible difference, don’t you think?


  1. wow, yes, that's a huge difference! and the $40 is about what we pay monthly but for a year-long membership. i'd grab that deal.

  2. This is so ridiculously funny. I wouldn't sign up at a gym with such management even if I have $1000 cash. lol


  3. That is a big difference! In a way though it's kind of nice to see that cash still has that kind of buying power. Now a days most of us just hand over out credit cards, or even atm cards and think nothing of it. Company's have to pay processing fees, I know because I do too and it adds up so quickly.

  4. Oh my, very big difference! Xoxo-BLC