Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday Irreplaceables – Organizer

Organizer Right before graduation and associated guests, our place was in dire need of cleaning. Husband declared that I was the culprit of the “drastic mess” that our place was, but of course you all know that I am only partially responsible. Anyhow, I procrastinated until a day before the guests were scheduled to arrive, and then when I couldn’t postpone it any longer I cleaned the place up in no time at all.

The problem? Today I went to look for my organizer, and I cannot find it! Did I put everything away? Yes. Do I remember where I put it? NO.

I rely on my organizer for all important appointments, things I need to do and deadlines. That, and I like to put check marks next to tasks I complete – there is something gratifying in that. :) The worst part is that I have no idea where to look! I checked all obvious places, and it is not there.

Lesson learned: cleaning has unintended consequences. Off to keep looking…


  1. I'm just lauging b/c I also use an "old fashioned" daily planner. Sooo low tech, but I can't function w/o it!!

  2. I agree ... cleaning is BAD. I avoid it as much as possible. And I don't use an electronic planner either; I like being able to flip through real pages.

  3. LOL Janna! Just a about 4 months ago I did the big leap to finally start using my iCal. I've finally got the hang of it and it syncs to my iPhone so it's been great. Did you look to see if it's with your bead stash :)