Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday Irreplaceables – Potato Press

Since we were on the subject of presses last week, I wanted to continue the topic and tell you about one of the neatest gadgets I discovered at IKEA (OK, so maybe IKEA, not the Oprah Show, is my window to the world).

This week’s irreplaceable is this terrific IDEALISK potato press, available for $9.99 at IKEA! If you love mashed potatoes, this is a must-have. The potatoes come out soft and lump-free, and you don’t have to worry about ruining that expensive Teflon surface of your pot if you “accidentally” mash the potatoes right in the pot, like I’ve had the urge to do.

This press is not available online, so a trip to IKEA is required! Get a vanilla ice cream cone while you’re there – they are SO good!


  1. Hmmm . . . I have many kitchen gadgets, but I don't have this one!

  2. I grew up with a potatoe press, in fact that was a wedding gift back in the early 60's. I use mine for making my daughters baby food..didn't have a blender then and food processors were not invented yet...I still use a potatoe press for making mashed potatoes...