Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday Multi-Usables – Newspapers

Newspaper Gift A few days before my Birthday, I came home to find three boxes sitting on the living room floor, all neatly wrapped in a day old Wall Street Journal. As an aside, let me point out that husband has never wrapped anything in his life. This peculiar wrapping job attracted my attention right away; upon closer inspection I discovered a Post-It note affixed to each box. The notes were addressed to me and contained congratulatory messages!

I couldn’t believe it: Husband WRAPPED my presents! This was in stark contrast to his usual gift-giving method: boxes typically go straight out of the UPS delivery guy’s hands into mine – complete with address labels and receipts.

He did an excellent wrapping job, too! So what he used newspaper and Post-Its? (To his defense, he said we didn’t have any wrapping paper. Shhh don’t tell him there are three rolls sitting in the corner of our closet.) He gets points for originality, and recycling is always good!


  1. Not bad at all for a first timer! Mine doesn't wrap either. He usually goes the gift card route so that all he has to do is stick it in an envelope.

  2. I think the Sunday comics, especially, make great wrapping paper. Add a rafia ribbon and it's a really cute alternative (since all I have right now is Christmas or princess wrap) .

  3. That is just too cute and too sweet! I'd definitely give him extra points for effort, and hey you could catch up on your wall street reading, LOL!