Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday Multi-Usables – Plastic Grocery Bags

Environmentally speaking, what’s better: paper or plastic bags? I know neither is ideal, but I will be honest: I don’t carry a reusable bag with me when I go grocery shopping.

I go for plastic bags, and we re-use them as garbage bags for all trash cans except the kitchen one. The cans are small enough, and the plastic bags work perfectly. We are saving money on small garbage bags by recycling our grocery bags! We got this handy RATIONELL VARIERA plastic bag dispenser at IKEA for $1.99, affixed it to a bottom cabinet door in the kitchen and store our plastic bags there.

I thought everyone knew this re-using trick, until I mentioned it to a cashier at Harris Teeter. She looked at me as if I was crazy and said she had never heard of people doing that – so I figured I’d share, in case you have grocery bags sitting around and small trash cans that are suitable for their re-use.


  1. I do the same thing! It saves on the cost of buying trash bags. I do have a reusable shopping bag that I have gotten in the habit of taking w/ me to the store ~ but even that doesn't hold all my groceries at once, so . . .

  2. That's what I do to! Years ago, we bought this cabinet-mount trash can ( that is designed to use grocery sacks. It works perfect for us, even 10 years and 3 kids later.

    I also have a stash of grocery sacks in each bathroom that I use to bag up our bathroom garbage and any poopy diapers that we get through the day.

    I NEVER throw away grocery sacks and I'm a little worried that if I started using reusable grocery bags, my at-home supply would run out. Besides, the way we do it, I think I AM using reusable grocery bags.

  3. At home I have a "sack" sack...where I stuff any plastic bags I might have picked up in the top and am able to pull them out one by one at the bottom. I do try and use reusable bags most of the time though.

  4. i do use the reusable shopping bags for Groceries but still get the plastice one at Walgreens..We also use them for the small waste cans and cleaning the Cats Box...

  5. Just read your comment on the treasury. If you left click on your picture then click the link symbol on the post tool bar paste in your link that you have already copied and there you have it. Took me a couple tries when I did my first one...Have fun..