Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Blue Bird Fly

A few weeks ago we went to see an air show in Beaufort, SC! The highlight of the show were the Blue Angels – an incredible group of six Navy pilots who performed choreographed maneuvers during an hour-long flight demonstration. They were really something!

BlueAngels 2 BlueAngels 5In this next picture, the airplane on the right is upside down!

BlueAngels 6BlueAngels 7BlueAngels 8 BlueAngels 9BlueAngels 10

These pictures don’t capture the full experience; you have to go see them for yourself! To learn more about the Blue Angels and view the 2009 season schedule, please click here. Bring a hat and plenty of sun block!


  1. Oh wow! I remember seeing them about 10 years ago..they're awsome! As a former Navy brat, the Blue Angels were always the big thing when they performed in town! Thanks for sharing these pics.

  2. I have seen them at the Chicago Air and Water Show. You need the sound effects to get the full experience. xo Joan

  3. I saw them quite a while ago and they are fabulous to watch. Great pictures you took!