Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Found a New Calling

In preparation for our move, I’d been purging an incredible amount of stuff we have accumulated in the last few years. It is amazing how cluttered our place had become in a short two years! We donated everything and anything that could be of use to someone else, and tossed everything else. This entailed countless trips to the dumpster and several trips to the city dump.

While I was working my way through every corner of the apartment, it occurred to me: I love getting rid of stuff! It almost makes me happier to get rid of stuff than to acquire it (notable exceptions: beads, shoes and purses). I know it sounds weird, but the more de-cluttered our apartment looked, the more liberated I felt, and it was easier to breathe!

I think I’d really enjoy de-cluttering people’s homes for a living. I’ll be doing what I love and getting paid for it – it’s the best of both worlds!


  1. We're moving this fall and I can't wait to go through everything and get rid of stuff. I know what you mean. (This is a great time to visit Alaska if you want to come up and help!) ;)

  2. peter walsh, oprah's organizing guru, says most people describe their "stuff" as suffocating them. and it's true. i feel so much better when i've just de-cluttered.

  3. Janna you can come over anytime to help me de-clutter! I'm an organizer by nature so I do like to de-clutter and organize things every so often. I'm in dire need to do it again soon!

  4. I totally agree Janna! I have a couple of friends who are hoarders, and I would volunteer to go to their house and help them organize every once in a while. Plus they're some of my fav clients!

    -- Samar