Friday, June 19, 2009

Master of Space

As of two days ago, I am a self-proclaimed Master of Space! Well almost. Fitting our kitchen contents into 1/3 the amount of cabinets we had in our old apartment was a challenge, but I did it! So what I can’t reach half of them? That’s what Tall Husband is for. Every time I need something from a cabinet that is out of my reach, I’ll just yell for him (a chair won’t fit in our teeny kitchen, and we don’t have a step stool). It’s going to be great.

Challenge #2 was the bathroom. We had this bright idea to stock up on face wash, sun block, tooth paste, etc. at Sam’s before moving to save money. Did we save money? Yes. Do we have space for 923487 tubes of tooth paste? No. Do not fret. It took some maneuvering and manipulating, but I made it all fit!

The next challenge? Clothes and shoes and purses. MY clothes, shoes and purses. Stay tuned – I am going to tackle that issue in the next day or two!


  1. good luck! have a great weekend in your new home! pam

  2. LOL! When I was reading this a picture popped into my head. It's a picture I've seen several times in magazine ads were a woman uses her kitchen cabinets to store her shoes and purses. Well since you kitchen and bathroom are full that's not going to happen but I can still picture you storing shoes, clothing and purses in places they normally don't go.