Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Unreasonables – Vase Crazy

PandoraVaseS9 In preparation for the move we cleaned out our storage unit a few days ago. You won’t believe how many vases I found packed away in boxes! Decorative vases, mind you – not the kind you’d use for flowers. That’ll require a separate inventory count altogether.

There was a red vase; a blue vase; a blue-red-tan vase; a clear vase; a white and clear vase; a brown vase; two taupe vases; a turquoise vase; a greenish beige vase. That’s nine vases, and I didn’t even count a set of three white bud vases that I left wrapped up, and another glass vase that broke when we were packing! I am not even talking about a number of vases that we have in the apartment.

I bought all these vases a little over two years ago to decorate two rooms in our townhouse. To say that I went overboard would be an understatement. We dropped off nearly all these vases at Good Will, and now they have enough vases to start a No Durham Household Left without a Vase Program.

P.S. I really want this Pandora Vase from Crate and Barrel!


  1. Hello and greetings from colorado :D I would just like to say that this is a really fun blog!I hope to see more :)

  2. Wow, 9 vases and counting is alot of vases! Good for you for parting with most of them. That's almost the fun part when moving, getting rid of the old and taking in the new.

  3. ahhh, so ice cream AND vases are your vices. pam

  4. I have a few spares just collecting dust if you would like them for you new place...hehehe