Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday Drinkables – Peach Martinis

Have you tried that lychee martini yet? It’s good. Very good. Here is another delicious beverage – you’ll enjoy this one if you like peaches! I just invented this recipe a couple of weeks ago. You can probably buy canned peach juice, but I use fresh fruit as much as I can, so I improvised with a fresh peach, and it turned out wonderfully.

What you’ll need is a martini shaker, a big ripe juicy peach and a Potato Press. If you don’t have a Potato Press, get creative – I’m sure you’ll come up with something to extract the juice (a citrus juicer?). It is important that your peach is ripe, or you will have a hard time extracting the juice, and the martini won’t be sweet.

Ingredients (makes 1 martini)
2 shots vodka
1 shot triple sec
juice of 1 large fresh peach
1 or 2 fresh peach slices

Slice a large peach in half and remove the pit. Cut one or two thin slices and set them aside. Load the remaining peach into a Potato Press and squeeze the juice. Discard the peach pulp.

Combine vodka, triple sec and peach juice in a martini shaker. Add ice cubes until the shaker is ¾ full.

Shake for 30 seconds to a minute, pour into martini glasses, add peach slices and serve!


  1. Ooohh, sounds yumm! I'm going to a cook-out/pary next week, I think we'll have to try this!

  2. looks good janna! shucks, i don't drink... but this could make me start. i love peaches.

  3. I love peach flavored drinks, will definitely have to try this one!