Monday, July 6, 2009

Carless and Loving It!

For the first time in our adult lives, we are proud car non-owners! We each had a vehicle that we couldn’t do without; now that we’ve moved to the big city, cars are no longer a necessity! Friends and relatives suggested we keep the cars since they are not costing us. While we do not have car payments, it is easy to forget two big expenses: parking and insurance. Here, garage parking will run you $500 a month (yes, per car). I haven’t looked into insurance, but I know it is hefty! For two cars that we will rarely drive, we’re saving well over $1000 a month by not having them.

With climbing gas prices and an excellent public transport system that takes us anywhere we need to go, we happily gave up our cars. They found good homes - we gave them to two friends who needed them a lot more than we!

Next time we need a car, we’ll just rent it for a day!


  1. Lucky you guys!! I would get rid of my car in a heartbeat and go the public transportation route, if I could :)

    Now this frees up more money for beads, right?! ;)

  2. What a brave and sensible decision! I sometimes wish I lived in a place where everything was within walking or biking distance, as it's not only a savvy financial decision, but a great way to 'live green'. Good for you and your hubby!

  3. i wondered whether you kept your car or not. i agree with mp, what a brave decision. steve and i just rented a prius in cleveland for the week. cost us $14 to fill the tank when we returned it (we drove over 200 miles).

  4. How great that is to be car free. You'll not only be saving $$$$ but you will also be getting exercise as well. I wish I could be car free, I actually hate to drive. When Logan starts school in the fall with his brothers we'll be walking to school rain or shine, no more driving him to school, yay!

    LOL, you will need to invest in more $$$ shoe for all that walking you'll be doing, what a great excuse!