Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Wearables – Gorgeous Coral!

Coral is one of my favorites to work with. It has so much character, and I love the texture, distinct color and shape of coral beads. Next time I go to the bead shops, coral is on my list of things to buy! Here are a few coral pieces available in my shop right now; they are fantastic for the summer time!

Asymmetrical Necklace - Coral and Sterling Silver Necklace is a lovely salmon color. I love its chunkiness and, of course, the asymmetry!

Think Pink Earrings - Coral and Sterling Silver Earrings are a perfect combination of delicate, yet slightly bulky. They are so dainty and pretty!

I love the striking centerpiece in the Nature's Touch Necklace - Red Jasper and Sterling Silver Necklace with Fossil Coral Pendant . What a stunningly feminine piece!


  1. beautiful janna! i'm a huge fan of coral too. pam

  2. You do amazing things with coral, Janna! The top necklace has been a favorite of mine . . . well, so has the Fossil Coral necklace ~ I love that pendant.