Thursday, July 9, 2009

I Have to Brush Ruby’s Teeth

How often, you ask? Oh, daily.

June 20090010That’s right. We went to the vet last night. The vet recommended that I brush my baby girl’s teeth (for those of you who don’t know, my baby girl is Ruby, the kitten). Daily. Starting now. With a small brush and special tuna or chicken-flavored tooth paste made just for kitties. True story.

I want Ruby to live a long a healthy life; I just don’t know about this. Something about brushing a cat’s teeth seems weird to me. I can’t imagine that she’ll embrace the process, either. Mika lived for 17 years, and was just fine with her never brushed teeth.

Going to think some more about this one…


  1. Well, my sister brushes both of her dogs teeth. I couldn't do it. But I will say that neither one of them ever has doggy breath :)

  2. hmmm, every day?!? i think that's a bit excessive. i've never brushed my animals' teeth. of course, beauty did lose some teeth somewhere, somehow. perhaps i should have been more attentive. if you plan on doing it, though, start doing it now when she's kitten so she can adjust to having it done. good luck!

  3. The only way my cats get their teeth brushed is when the chew on their little toothbrush..I had a vet tell me to bruch their teeth too but didn't like getting scratched and bitten..They seemed more interested in chewing the that's what they do..Figure it cleans their teeth, they have fun and I don't bleed...Good luck...

  4. My vet told me to do that too... but I do it more like every month... which I feel really guilty about...