Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Receivables – Rain Boots!

You do quite a bit of walking in NYC. When it’s pouring out, rain boots are a necessity! I have a 15-minute walk to work, which is long enough to ruin a good pair of leather shoes if rain comes down hard.

Hunter BootsI did a lot of research on rain boots and determined that Hunter boots are what I need! While I was looking for a picture of the pair I want for this post, I found them here at 15% off, with free shipping and free returns! Moreover, contributes 7% to Upromise. (If you’re not familiar with Upromise, it’s a college savings account anyone can open for existing student loans or future loans for your kids. If your current school loan lender participates in Upromise, you can transfer the savings you accumulate in your Upromise account to your loan account. Certain retailers will contribute a portion of your purchase to your Upromise account! 7% is generous; a lot of retailers have been cutting back lately and contribute as low as 1% of your purchase. I will blog about it soon to give you more details on Upromise!)

Anyhow, I just placed an order for these. I’ll be prepared next time it rains!

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  1. Very nice looking rain boots and they will go with everything! Great find!