Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Unreasonables – Catch-22

About a year ago, we signed a two-year contract to lock in the price on cable and internet. We weren’t going to sign a contract because we knew we’d move this summer, but the sales person in the NC office assured us that we could transfer our service.

When we contacted the company to transfer our service, the answer was: “You can’t transfer the service”. I should have seen this coming. After more conversations, the company said, “Go ahead and set up your service in NY; once you do that, we’ll be able to see it in the system, and will not charge you a termination fee.” This sounded great in theory. We set up our service in NY and informed the NC office before we even moved. Great!

And then we got a bill for $120 termination fee in the mail. We called, and the NC office said something like, “We have no access to your records once you leave NC, so we have no idea if you have service in NY. Call the NY office and ask them to fax us proof of your service.” We call the NY office, and they say, “We don’t do that.”

It’s a Catch-22.


  1. Oh, that is SO frustrating! I think the whole cable/satellite TV business is one of the least user friendly (right up there with cell phones and credit cards -- yuck!). I hope you get it worked out without too much trouble!