Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Unreasonables – the TV Is on unless It Isn’t Working

We can hear our neighbor’s TV from our bathroom. We hear it in the morning; we hear it late at night; we hear it during the day. It is ALWAYS on. I have a hard time comprehending how it is humanly possible to watch that much TV.

The other day, the alarm woke me up, and I came in the bathroom half-asleep. Something was wrong. It took me a minute to realize that it was quiet. The TV wasn’t on! I began to worry if something happened to our neighbor. Then I heard her. She was on the phone with the cable company – her cable wasn’t working! She turned on the TV, and there was no picture or sound.

A half hour later, the TV was back on, and all was well in the world again.


  1. I married into a family that uses TV as a companion. They leave it on all the time just as background noise. They can't stand a quiet house and the radio just doesn't provide the right type of annoying, flashing, noise stimulation that they "need." I come from an NPR-listening, book reading, quiet family. Ah, one of the joys of marriage that you don't think about when you are 19 and In Love!

  2. Too funny ~ I echo the above comment. I also married into a family that believes every room in the house should have a TV. Growing up, we were not allowed to have our own TV, and cable was completely out of the question. I learned to entertain myself in other ways.

  3. Yes I have a few favorite shows I like to watch..or at least record for later..But I never understood how someone can just sit for hours on end in front of the Boob Tube..And people that let their children sit there so they don't have to watch them..It's all beyond me...

  4. I don't watch very much T.V. My kids on the other hand would love unlimited watching time but we limit them. I'm definitely the least T.V. watcher in my house but I do have to admit that every once in a while I do like to listen to a show that they (usually the husband and the kids are watching in the evening) are watching. They love watching classics, right now they are into watching "The A Team" on Netflix, I crack up listening to it (my office is on the other side of the family room so I can hear the T.V. very clearly) I remember watching a few of those and it makes me laugh that my kids like it now.