Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday Irreplaceables – Bodum Kettle

Here is another kitchen essential in our household: a Bodum electric kettle! We use it daily to boil water for coffee, and sometimes tea (and iced tea).

Ours is two years old and is working really well! I love that it automatically turns off when the water boils.


  1. I just started really liking tea and should get one of these, since I'm prone to leaving the kettle on the stove and forgetting :)

  2. We got an electric tea kettle last winter and we are loving it! I totally agree that it's a kitchen essential. I too love the fact that it turns itself off and that it never over flows. It's great for making oatmeal too! We got ours at Costco for a really great price. If they don't have them now they should be getting them in around October.