Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Don't Tell Papa

Hi! It's Ruby again. I really enjoyed blogging for you last week, so I woke up extra early this morning, quietly made my way to Momma's computer, and here I am! You see, Momma's computer used to be in the living room, but now that she's got her work space all set up here in the bedroom, I have to be extra q-u-i-e-t when I type. Shhhhh!

I did two thousand naughty things this week. Only two! Can you believe it? I have been such a good kitten, which I admit is very hard to do at four months old. Want to hear about them?

Papa has all sorts of writing utensils on his desk. They make purrfect toys! So one day I hopped on his desk and threw one of his pencils on the floor.

Is anyone coming?

No? Good, I can play!

After I chased the pencil around the room for a bit, Papa heard suspicious noises and came to the room. I quickly lay down on this little rug pretending to rest. When he sees me like this, he won't suspect a thing!

Another thing had to do with my eye drops. I managed to get an infection in my left eye, but it was nothing. It didn't bother me at all; nonetheless the vet prescribed eye drops THREE times a day! What a nuisance they were, let me tell you. I tolerated them for over a week, and then decided to hide them. Enough is enough. I tucked them away under the love seat. It took Momma and Papa a day and a half to find them! Bad, I know, but I was almost done with the treatment anyway.

Well, I think it's time for my morning play session. Talk to you soon, everyone!


  1. Ruby is so beautiful in your last pic... She remember me Égyptian Cat!!! Lovely cat!

  2. Pretty smart kitty you are, Ruby!

  3. ruby, whatever you do, your cuteness will let you get away with it! remember... YOU have to train mommy and daddy. it's YOUR apt now.

  4. Hey Ruby, I just showed your picture to my 5 year old, Logan and he thought you were the cutest little thing. He'd actually love to have you come visit us. You are too funny hiding those eye drops, LOL, I bet your mama and papa had fun looking for them. Try to stay our of trouble sweetie, but then again you do have to keep your mama and papa on their toes! xoxox, godmommy :)

  5. Ruby, you're at it again! Hhaha. I'm glad you found a lovely home to stay in. Pls continue to bring lots of laughter to your papa and mama and us! :)