Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our Lobster Adventure

A few weeks ago we decided to make lobster bisque. We went to Chinatown (a great place to buy inexpensive fresh seafood) in search of a lobster. There are three seafood markets on the same block, and we've gotten salmon and shrimp from them several times. We didn't see any lobsters right away and inquired if they are available at one of the markets. It turns out they were available, and we requested a 2-lb one. The person helping us went to the back of the store, got into a huge tank and took out a big lobster who was... alive! We did not anticipate buying a live lobster. Having never cooked one before, we weren't quite sure what to do with it!

On the way home, we kept wondering if he was going to fit into our biggest pot. Here he is, sitting the sink. I wondered if I should wash him before cooking him.

I showed him to Ruby, but she was indifferent.

As you can see, he fit in the pot! Just barely, but he fit. I felt bad cooking the poor little guy.

Directions said to cook him for 10 min once water starts boiling; that was way too long, as the meat turned out a bit chewy. I'll know next time.

The funniest part was Husband trying to extract the meat using... a nut cracker. We accidentally gave away our seafood crackers when we moved, and a nearby grocery store did not carry any. We had to get creative, but it worked. :)

The bisque turned out good, but not great. I am going to try a different recipe next time!


  1. Too funny! I'm not sure if I could ever bring myself to boil a lobster. Thank goodness I'm not crazy about them. But more power to you for doing it! The pics of Ruby w/ it made me laugh :)